Unwrapped 2012

_MG_9967-web SelfishGiant1

Date: Saturday, December 8th 2012
Time: 3:45pm – 5pm
Location: Tallaght Library, Chamber Square, RUA RED

Oscar Wilde’s short story ‘The Selfish Giant’ was the inspiration for UNWRAPPED 2012. It is the story of a giant who has a beautiful garden that remains in a permanent state of Winter because he refuses to share it with others. One day, children sneak into the garden to play. The giant notices that amidst the wintery garden trees begin to blossom one by one, because of the presence of the children. He learns how selfish he had been.

Artists and participants invited audiences of all ages to literally journey with them through the garden of ‘The Selfish Giant’ in an exciting and imaginative promenade event involving animation, puppetry, music and visual arts that brings the story’s themes of friendship, love, and generosity of spirit to life.


The event began in Tallaght Library where innovative theatre company, Monkeyshine Theatre told audiences the story of ‘The Selfish Giant’ through a specially commissioned performance involving young performers commissioned for the event.

_MG_9732-web _MG_9747-web


Audience members then became part of the story. Led by musician Michael Buckley, they journeyd with participants and artists in a lantern lit promenade through the Giant’s garden in Chamber Square at County Hall, Tallaght.

_MG_9826-web   _MG_9973-web

The promenade moved from the Library, to the Civic Theatre and culminated in the official lighting of the County’s Christmas tree by South Dublin County Mayor Cathal King, beside RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre).  Lanterns were created by members of the community with the assistance of artist Maeve Clancy.

_MG_9774-web _MG_0007-webAudience members were immersed in the garden through paper cut window displays and hangings as well as the projection of animation work by artist Maeve Clancy and through musical performances by St. Jude’s Parish Junior Choir,Templeogue; St. Mary’s Senior School, Rowlagh; St. Kilian’s Children’s Choir Kilnamanagh; Suburban Sounds choir led by Carol Keogh and St. Mark’s Church Choir, Springfield. The Giant, now generous having learned the importance of kindness, made an appearance and greeted the audience welcoming all to enjoy his garden.  The Giant has been designed by artist Tadashi Kato with the assistance of artist Jackie Gray.

_MG_9841-web _MG_9948-web

          The event concluded  with a reception in the foyer of RUA RED, decorated with a series of paper cut snowflakes by artist Maeve Clancy.

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