Shining a Light Community Window Art

We're delighted to receive your works of art and display here as part of our Unwrapped '20 Festival.  Scroll down to see all our wonderful submissions.

David Singleton, DoubleTAKE Studios

Mary and Alanna O'Flynn (aged 5)

"We gave the gift of time.  Which is represented by the clock. The silhouette 'Teeling's whiskey building' as it's a local landmark and has a phoenix on it's roof. We wanted to give the gift of having 'Time' to appreciate all the smaller local things, so the butterfly for the simple beauty around you (also my kid just likes butterflies).  The heart for 'the time to love' and the 'teeling whiskey building coz it represents our locality and uses the phoenix as it's symbol. The bird is a symbol of hope, renewal, rebirth, immortality, resurrection, solitude and grace". 
Mary and Alanna

The Tower Programme and Deonach

Kingswood Community College

Mother Tongues

Mother Tongues worked in a diverse neighborhood with a group of families of primary school children. These children live very close to each other but have only created true bonds during the pandemic. The window art creations brought the children and their families together.
Mother Tongues is non for profit organisation that aims to promote multilingualism in Ireland through creativity and education.

David Garland - Tallaght Library

David Garland Tallaght Library
David Garland

City Wise

Citywise Education works within underserved communities, offering programmes that raise young people’s educational aspirations, supporting them to reach their full potential. Citywise provides personal development, STEM and academic based programmes, building on the important work being done in schools to create a community approach to ending educational disadvantage.

Citywise Art Club have taken part in the windows art workshop this year! Art club is a creative and imaginative group of young people who meet every week. Art Club helps these young people to develop their interests in a fun and engaging way!