We Are All Artists

Window Art Workshops

The Unwrapped ‘20 artists have been working with South Dublin’s communities through online activities and events. Beautiful illuminated window art depicting the gifts they would like to share with our winter visitor will be seen throughout South Dublin this December.

Song Commissions for Unwrapped '20

Four SubSounds young musicians have been commissioned to create songs from Spoken Word Workshops for Unwrapped’20 Shining a Light event.  They are; Megan McGarry, Jamie Tobin, Kara Doyle, Louise Sharkey

Shining a Light Songs from SubSounds

SubSounds Musicians

Megan McGarry image_6483441

Megan McGarry

I’m Megan I’ve been a SubSounds participant for the past few years and it was there that I met the band I play with now Groovekiller.  We have released an album and are working on new music.  I really enjoyed working on Unwrapped’20 as it got me to look at my community from a different perspective

Kara Doyle

My name is Kara Doyle. I'm sixteen years old and have been involved in Subsounds for two years. I play guitar and piano. I have recorded in Windmill Lane recording studio and performed in the Grand Social.
Kara Doyle

Spoken Word Workshops

Local spoken word artist, Lyndsey Lawlor, has written and performed, Solas/Light, a new spoken word piece commissioned by Unwrapped ’20. Her work has been inspired by her own experiences of living in South Dublin and through live, socially distanced, spoken word workshops with young people from Deansrath Community College, Kingswood Community College, St. Aidan’s Community School and members of SubSounds, youth music group.

Kingswood Community & Youth Choir