Window Art in South Dublin

For Unwrapped ’20, Shining a Light, artists from Tallaght Community Arts have continued to engage South Dublin’s communities. Like many cultural processes, the artists have adapted their programme to the Covid19 pandemic guidance. In place of their annual Unwrapped outreach programmes in schools, libraries and community centres, participatory workshops have been happening through online resources to ensure that all participating groups and individuals can fully engage with the project in a safe environment. Tallaght Community Arts have distributed hundreds of packs containing materials and instructions to eight community organisations. Through the Unwrapped web site everyone can access a video demonstration created by the artists, Sharon Devlin, Sharon Doyle and Caroline Hyland.

The following community groups and schools have created window art displays in venues all across South Dublin;

  • Deansrath Community College at North Clondalkin Library
  • Double Take Studios at South Dublin County Library
  • Kingswood Community College
  • Kingswood Community and Youth Choirs around the streets of Kingswood
  • Mother Tongues Festival network at Rua Red, Tallaght
  • Mount Seskin Community College at the Civic Theatre, Tallaght
  • Tower Programme, North Clondalkin Probation Project at The Tower Visitors Centre Clondalkin

Photo Credit: Jonathon Stokes