Movie night is here

It’s finally here. Our animated film will air tonight on the Unwrapped YouTube channel. You can also watch it on the Unwrapped Facebook page

You are invited to discover what is extraordinary about the places and communities in and around South Dublin. Join us for the launch of Bringing the Light on 23 November.

An ancient shadow, Cailleach Queen of Winter, emerges from the hills with her gift of light. The light of the moon and stars are at her fingertips and she can see what has emerged over time in each corner of South Dublin. With her gift of light, she reveals that there is strength within each community through their care and kindness, diversity and creativity.

Unwrapped ’20, Shining a Light, presents a new film, Bringing the Light, as part of the annual winter festival of community. A collaboration between filmmakers, a spoken word artist, an animator, artists and musicians has produced a unique artwork that tells a new fairy tale of South Dublin.

Local spoken word artist, Lyndsey Lawlor, has written and performed, Bringing the Light, a new spoken word piece commissioned by Unwrapped ’20. Her work has been inspired by her own experiences of living in South Dublin and through live, socially distanced, spoken word workshops with young people from Deansrath Community College, Kingswood Community College, St. Aidan’s Community School and members of SubSounds, youth music group.   Through an online workshop Lyndsey was also able to engage a larger group of people of all ages, from eight to eighty, from Kingswood Community and Youth Choirs.