Get a peak at UNWRAPPED at The Square Shopping Centre!

Jan 27 2012 Session 008-webThe team behind UNWRAPPED is delighted to have the sponsorship support of the Square Shopping Centre for the 2013 event. 

This means some exciting additional events in the run up to our big programme on December 7th. 

On November 30th, the Des Carty Music School with the support of Alternative Entertainments and Monastery Music will be performing from 1 – 2pm. Come along and enjoy some Christmas and traditional Irish Music by some brilliant students. You’ll see them performing new music at UNWRAPPED 2013 composed by their teacher, Aoife Desmond. 

On December 4th from 7:15pm the 9 Ladies from the ’12 Days of Christmas’ song will promenade through the Square along with some of our 11 drummers drumming! Thanks to Tallaght Community School Dance Team and Tallaght Youth Band for taking part! 

NEW 3D Logo-small

UNWRAPPED 2013 would like to thank The Square Shopping Centre for its generous support of this year’s programme. 

The annual UNWRAPPED programme is developed by a creative partnership between South Dublin County Council Arts Office and Corporate Services Department; South Dublin Libraries; Tallaght Community Arts; Alternative Entertainment; Contact Studio; Civic Theatre, Tallaght; RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre and South Dublin County Music Education Partnership. It is supported by the Arts Council, the Square Shopping Centre and Monastery Music. 

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