Spotlight on The Turtle Doves

Access All Arts Group Noel Daniel Banba Ciaran Lorraine Joeph and Michael - Copy

The Turtle Doves are Access all Arts, a new performing arts group based in Clondalkin of 10 adults age 18 and up. The group is facilitated by Banba Behan, a dance and performance facilitator with experience working with individuals who have visual impairments.

Access all Arts will be taking part in UNWRAPPED 2013. They will be featured as our Two Turtle Doves!

Tony Fegan, Director of TCA on touch tour with Turtle Doves

The group has said about taking part:

“ACCESS ALL ART is made up of blind and visually impaired members who are interested in exploring arts, crafts and culture through creative and accessible formats. UNWRAPPED is our first project to participate in but we look forward to expressing ourselves through a number of mediums including art, crafts, creative writing, music and drama.”

The group recently took part in a touch tour facilitated by Victoria Durrer, event Producer, and Tony Fegan, event Creative Director and Director of Tallaght Community Arts where they got an insight into the overall artistic work for the event, its music, costumes and lanterns.

UNWRAPPED 2013 would like to thank The Square Shopping Centre for its generous support of this year’s programme.

The annual UNWRAPPED programme is developed by a creative partnership between South Dublin County Council Arts Office and Corporate Services Department; South Dublin Libraries; Tallaght Community Arts; Alternative Entertainment; Contact Studio; Civic Theatre, Tallaght; RUA RED South Dublin Arts Centre and South Dublin County Music Education Partnership. It is supported by the Arts Council, the Square Shopping Centre and Monastery Music. 


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