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Unwrapped 2021 presents Finding the Wild, a live streamed performance with digital animation, puppetry, physical theatre and a soundtrack of songs and music created by young musicians and Kingswood Community and Youth Choirs. It is a continuation of our Unwrapped 2020 winter story, Shining a Light, and will be developed in 2022 into an immersive outdoor event of light and sound.

Finding the Wild in 2021 is the Unwrapped partners’ first foray into a two year exploration of our relationship with the natural world in an urban environment.  Informed by our community stakeholders and artists we have discovered that many people in South Dublin have engaged with and embraced Nature during the emergency of the last 18 months and how this has uplifted them and their sense of wellbeing.


composed by Domhnaill Corrigan

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As the sun sinks low on a dark winter evening and the howling winds strip leaves off the trees a shadow of ancient times, the Cailleach, slips down from Mount Seskin. Each year she returns to the hills and vales of South Dublin and frost glints at her footsteps heralding the start of winter. The light of the moon and stars are at her fingertips and she shines a light on what has changed over the year.


The Raven, her eyes in the sky, and the Fox, her ears and eyes on the ground, witness the impact people have on the creatures and plants around them. The Cailleach knows how the climate crisis has led to the escalating extinction of a multitude of species and how this has consequences for the future of our world.


Humankind is reaching out for answers. Now the creatures of earth, air and water have come to tell the Winter Queen that her gifts of knowledge, healing and peace are needed more than ever.

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Experimentation and art form development have been key to this year’s Unwrapped. Resident and commissioned artists have been invited to explore how an engagement with Nature during the emergency of the last 19 months has impacted on us all. The festival partners have decided to present our process of research and development as a dynamic online presence over several weeks of the Christmas and New Year period. The short episodes of our winter story capture elements of our live performance in a secret location on film with bespoke digital animation, puppetry and original soundtrack.

Finding The Wild

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