Unwrapped '20

Shining a Light

November 23 - January 5, 2021

Unwrapped 2020 presents Shining A Light

As the sun sinks low on dark December evenings, an ancient shadow, Cailleach Queen of Winter, emerges from the gloom as she slips down from the hills.  The light of the moon and stars are at her fingertips and she can see what has emerged over time in each corner of South Dublin. With this gift of light, she brings knowledge, healing and peace.


The Unwrapped ‘20 artists continue to engage South Dublin’s communities through online activities and events. Beautiful illuminated window art depicting the gifts they would like to share with our winter visitor will be seen throughout South Dublin this December. How will you welcome this winter visitor and what will the light reveal about your community and neighbourhood?

Shining a Light is a celebration of rebirth and renewal, using the symbolism of light.  Unwrapped 2020 is working with artists and local people to discover what is distinctive about the places and communities in and around South Dublin. Through art, film, animation, music and spoken word we aim to see them in a different light.

Where to see Window Art

Illuminated Window Map

Bringing the Light

November 25, 2020



Tune in to see our film of spoken word, music and animation

Singing the light

December 4, 2020


Kingswood Community and Youth Choirs accompany Solas/Light, the specially commissioned spoken word piece


Gifts of light

December 8, 2020


Window art displays – who has made them and where can you see them?

See the Winter Queen – a spectacular artwork at Kingswood Community College

Creating the light

December 16, 2020


A documentary about the creation of Shining a Light for Unwrapped ’20


How To Take Part

send Us Your Artwork

To create your own window art watch the video

Follow the instructions:

gather the materials and tools recommended and if you are under ten years make sure you have a responsible adult with you while you are cutting things out with scissors. Once you have made your art put it in your window and take a picture

Send it to us at unwrappedshinealight@gmail.com by 2 December at the latest and we will to display it on our website